Spaten "Oktoberfest"? An impulse buy at Costco

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I don't know anything about this imported beer but what's on the label:
Malt liquor... ur-marzen... since 1397... Brewed and bottled by
Spaten-brau, Munich, Germany.

I like it, though. Can anyone tell me what style of beer this might be?
In color and flavor, it reminds me of Listermann's "American Pale Ale",
though a bit less "hoppy". I'm no beer expert, though. I'd just like to find a
kit beer that tastes like this so I can brew my own.

Karl S.

Re: Spaten "Oktoberfest"? An impulse buy at Costco
"Karl S." wrote:
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It's an Octoberfest, a classic German lager.  And a very good one,
IMHO.  But unless you have special equipment and lots of time, lagers
are difficult to brew.


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Re: Spaten "Oktoberfest"? An impulse buy at Costco
On Sat, 04 Oct 2003 09:14:12 +0000, Denny Conn wrote:

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Ah, that would explain it.
When I bought my first brewing equipment kit, it included a recipe kit for
St. Peter's Pilsner, I later found out a few things about lagers which
would have improved the results, no doubt. I'll stick with Ales for now.
I'm disappointed that the Octoberfest lager came in green bottles

Karl S.
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