Bockfest 2013 in Over-the-Rhine

Posted: 3:51 PM
Keith Bowers CityBeat
Celebrate Cincinnati’s German past, debauched and medieval at this year’s festival of deliciously dark goat-beer. It all starts off with a meandering parade, replete with beer-bellied monks (who historically made nutritious bocks for fasting), goats and floats. It’s always a bunch of fun and there’s usually a bit of rain, so be sure to stand on the side of Main Street and wish the waning winter a buzzed farewell.
Revelers will make their way to the real meat of the event, where beer, food and live music will commence. Yes, Friday is the day of tradition. However, the rest of the weekend is full of tours, history and day drinking, so don’t destroy yourself in one night! The parade starts at 5 p.m. at Arnold’s, 210 E. Eighth St. The festival afterward occurs at the Christian Moerlein Event Hall, 1619 Moore St., Over-the-Rhine. Friday through Sunday. All events and venues can be found at .
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