Brewery business continues growing in Cincinnati area

Brewery business continues growing in Cincinnati area
Two new breweries open this weekend
Updated: 8:05 AM EDT Oct 9, 2016
CINCINNATI — Beer business appears to be booming in Cincinnati. Two new breweries opened just this weekend and there’s no slowdown in sight.
Advertisement FigLeaf Brewing Co. opened in Middletown Saturday. Streetside Brewery opened Friday, excited to be the latest local brewer to join the craft brewing scene in Cincinnati.
“What we are focused on is creating community in the tap room and brewing beers that you don't see a lot of in Cincinnati,” said Streetside Brewery co-owner Garrett Hickey.
Streetside is the latest up-and-comer to join the around 30 others in and around the Queen City.
On tap in Columbia Tusculum are six new brews, including a Raspberry Beret. Well-known and anonymous beer blogger The Gnarly Gnome tells WLWT he only sees the beer scene growing.
“I think it's almost limitless from what we can see right now. There's still so many pockets around town of people that don't have that neighborhood place that they can go to and sit and drink,” said Gnarly Gnome.
Brewers are scattered all over the city, including in the Banks and Over-the-Rhine. All operations vary in size.
MadTree’s Brewing now has outgrown its tap room and is expanding its facility to meet demand.
“The beer industry within the U.S. is actually larger than the wine industry, but there's almost twice as many wineries within the U.S. It just shows there's definitely capacity for the market,” said MadTree sales director Adam Lane.
So just what is driving demand for local brewers? The Gnome has his theories.
“You can see the excitement and hear where that beer came from and the story behind it, and you don't get that from big beer,” said Gnarly Gnome.
Streetside Brewery owners say Cincinnati is a thirsty city and there’s plenty of beer mugs to fill.
“There's room for everybody,” said Hickey.
Beer enthusiasts doubt Cincinnati will be tapped out from too many breweries any time soon.
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