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Cheap beers, 300 brands, it arrives at your door in under an hour, and it's still COLD!
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There is spam that is worth a shit and then...there is spam that isn't. My not responding to the OP is a good indicator as to which category I place him.
Best regards, Bill
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Bill Becker
Please tell me that was a joke. Your top 10 includes Coors light? Will arrive at my door in an hour? That would be a trick.
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Jim Wild
Alas I decided to scan my way through old posts to get a feel for this ng. Coors Light made someone's Top Ten List! Top Ten for what?
a) Stuff nearly as bad as Miller High Life; b) Stuff I can drink and still claim to be on the wagon; c) Stuff if found in someone's apartment, proves the tenant is a loser; d) Gifts to give to someone you dislike.
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Dick Adams

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