Going to L.A.--beer suggestions?

Don't ask why.........
But I'm going to be in Los Angeles for about 36 hours this weekend.
My schedule is pretty well booked up, but I'd like two suggestions from the
beer geeks:
*Best beer bar OR brewpub (among other things, I'm visiting Red Car Brewery
in Torrance for business reasons);
Best beer retailer (convenience to Union Station more important than price
or selection). Heard a recommendation for Beverage Warehouse out on
McConnell Ave. in West LA; seconded? (Among beers I want are things I can't
get in Maryland--Moylan's hi-octane stuff, Riverside's RR-themed beers,
Suggest away.
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Alexander D. Mitchell IV
I really think that the San Pedro Brewing Company (331 West 6th Street) is worth a trip. Nice place, great food and pretty close to the Red Car. Also the Redondo Beach Brewpub is in a nice location and the beers were OK. I also really liked Alcatraz Brewing - it has a great atmosphere and a wide selection of brew on tap.
The Red Car is a neat place. The menu is not typical pub fare and really reflects the personality of the owners. The beers were really good, but the selection was very average.
There are quite a few others and all are worth a visit, really depends on where you are staying.
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