Here's what beers Urban Artifact is releasing in cans

Northside craft brewery Urban Artifact will begin offering its beers in
cans for the first time beginning next month.
The brewery will initially offer its Finn Berliner Pale Ale and Sliderule
Chocolate Raspberry Gose in cans.
Urban Artifact is canning its popular Finn Berliner Pale Ale.
Urban Artifact is canning its popular Finn Berliner Pale Ale.
Urban Artifact is hosting a can launch event at its brewery on 1660 Blue
Rock St. on Dec. 9. The brewery first opened its doors in April 2015.
"It took a long time to get to this point, and we're excited it's becoming
a reality," co-founder Scotty Hunter told me. "Cans are the
highest-quality packaging we can do for our core stuff in the sense that
it's impervious to light and there's no concern about oxygen getting in
Urban Artifact will begin offering its core lineup in cans ? Finn
year-round with a seasonal fruited gose ? and eventually offer barrel-aged
sours and limited releases in bottles. The brewery chose bottles for its
sours because they'll be bottled with wild yeast, continuing the
fermentation process, which could cause cans to explode.
The brewery will use a mobile canning line initially, meaning an outside
company will come in and can the beer. Urban Artifact is using printed
cans where the label is printed directly onto the aluminum rather than
having a plastic label shrink-wrapped onto a blank can. Hunter said the
printed cans require a higher initial cost because of the larger orders
required, but the higher quality was more representative of the brand.
Finn and Sliderule were chosen to be canned first because they are the two
highest-selling beers in the brewery's taproom. Sliderule is part of a
seasonal fruited gose series and the springtime will bring a kumquat gose.
Cans will be distributed throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton markets by
Cavalier Distributing beginning Dec. 12. They can be found at bars and
retailers including Cappy's Loveland, Growler House, Delhi Liquor, Craft
Pointe and White Oak Marathon.
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