Looking for Berliner Pilsner advert

I am desparatley looking for two Berliner Pilsner adverts. The one
which shows the beer casting a shadow of a musical note. I am not sure
what the other one is showing; I saw it in passing in Berlin last week.
It shows three Pilsner bottles casting some kind of shadow; I didn't
understand what the casted shadow was about. I would greatly appreciate
information on how I can obtain these images.
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bodza kunama
bodza kunama schrieb am Fri, 05 Dec 2003 18:17:35 +0100 in :
I found not a musical note, but some other shadows of local interest:
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then info / aktuell / "es gibt etwas zu sehen" (in the bottom)
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Paul Schmitz-Josten
Go to
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and scroll down. The shadow is the glass cupola of the Bundestag (Federal Congress) building in central Berlin, near the Brandenburg Gate. It's a way of associating Berliner Pilsner with its city's institutions and status as the capital of Germany. If you were in Berlin recently, especially near the Brandenburger Gate, it would have been pretty hard to miss.
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It's supposed to be the new dome of the Reichstag.
Not all of them, but
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seems to be a start. HTH, Uwe (F'up2 d.a.f.k)
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Uwe Sinha

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