Re: I was Kicked Out of Thanksgiving Dinner

I was Kicked Out of Thanksgiving Dinner
> I was invited by some of my relatives yesterday for Thanksgiving.
> During dinner they kept sipping their wine and I sipped some coffee
> instead. After they finished the first bottle of wine, they opened
> another. That's when I started telling them how they were turning
> into alcoholics. Everytime they poured another glass of the poison, I
> would say "Hi, my name is Greg and I am an alcoholic. Would any of
> you like to admit you are an alcoholic and address the table with your
> reason for drinking"?
I'll bet you're a vegetarian, too.
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Lew Bryson
Sounds like a Sobriety Inquisition.
I don't believe the story. Surely no one so disturbed that they decide to incite a Anti-Wine Riot on a joyous Holiday...or are they?
^_^ L
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I have no problem eating Thanksgiving dinner with a vegetarian.
More turkey for me.
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I dunno...I kinda like the idea of winos and teetotal freaks savagely duking it out while I calmly have another beer.
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Lew Bryson
On Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:35:13 -0600, elk_a_hall wrote:
Hey, get your ass onto Jerry Springer, but leave our Ng alone.
Hooroo........ ya tosser.
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First of all i smell a troll but i will give an honest reply anyway.
Yes some people do have too much to drink to the point of addiction (have been close myself in the past when i went to the pub every other day). but everything is fine in moderation. Drink too much you will get addicted, gamble too much you end up addicted, eat too much you get fat. Everything is fine in moderation.
Note the conversation in here, its what beers taste the best, and what's available in area X. If we had a drink problem we would get whatever beer we could even if it was crap just to get drunk.
Being in the UK there is a sterotype that anyone that has superstrengh beers or special brews (6-%10%) has a drink problem. I find this is true from personal experence but the people in here just want nice beers. i.e. taste, if you have a problem you will take anything with it in.
Whers my (joking folks)
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Fuck, at least he started a thread here that people are responding to. RFDB needs trolls to make it interesting lately.
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J Stanley
"Booked_moss" writes:
There's a certain type of alcoholic who can't bear the thought that he's got a disease, because he'd think of it as a horrible character flaw rather than the Disease it is. So rather than decide "well, it's a disease; it's not someone's *fault*" he then reasons "It must be the Substance's fault, because I can't think that it's mine, and there MUST be something at fault." Fine. But the trouble there is, if it's the substance that's at fault, then nobody else can drink, because if they drink they're alcoholics (and if they argue otherwise, they're alcoholics in denial).
These people, I think, mellow out over time. Perhaps with help from people who've been in AA longer and have figured more stuff out about the nature of addiction. The poster, I'm thinking, was making the whole thing up to be "funny".
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Joseph Michael Bay
On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 23:21:40 +0000 (UTC), snipped-for-privacy@Stanford.EDU (Joseph
MUch like the ex-Smoker who becomes an almost militant Anti Smoker
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Bruce in Cleveland
"FredG" wrote in message
Hey, it wasn't MY troll post. And if I decide to respond to a troll post with a brief response, that's my lookout. And the troll post sucked.
ObBeer: visited two new brewpubs yesterday. Marzoni's, in Duncansville, PA, was open 9 days, beer was quite good, with a very aggressive APA and AIPA, a surprisingly good amber lager, and a weirdly light-colored but good-tasting stout. Johnstown Brewing in (duh) Johnstown, PA, has been brewing about three months now, food was great, service was slow and disinterested, beer was all clean but not real aggressive. I understand they're deliberately aiming low at this point to bring this relatively beer-virginal population along slowly. Two good places.
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Lew Bryson

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