Staropramen Lager- wonder how good it is.

Pretty good. Assuming you can get it non-skunked. Combine green glass with many stores just leaving the stuff out under the lights, and it's often off. Get bottles from an unsealed case, or drink it draught.
As for how it tastes, it's a standard light Czech lager. Full malt, Saaz hops, nicely balanced, very refreshing. It's not as bitter or hoppy as Pilser Urquell, and it's not quite as malty as Czechvar (I'm assuming you're posting from the States; use Budweiser/Budwar as the comparison if you're in Europe). It's a sublter beer than those, but no less remarkable.
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Steve Jackson
I finally found some Staropramen. It was a light colored beer and Applejacks didn't have anything else. I would have definitely preferred a darker beer. Don't know what the beer was though. It was nice but a little bitter. But the flavor got better, not worse like some bitter beers have done before. (And my fav is any ESB beer), so I don't actually know the terms of beer flavors. Anyhow, it was fresh and refreshing too. Heard it's made the old fashioned way and I'd have to believe it. I had a couple of my wife's famous hamburgers with it during the Broncos game and it was great tasting. Would recommend this beer. Different, but well worth it.
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Well, you're not going to find many dark-colored pilsners. It's what you described, though, slightly bitter and very refreshing. Nice little fruity hints, too. Beautiful stuff, probably my favorite pilsner, drink it like water during the summer.
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Dan Iwerks
Its a great beer and the best I will drive in 2 weeks to Prague. There you can drink it a little bit far away from the tourist areas for 70 cent per litre ("october fest keg" or Mass loke bavarian people say....).
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Uwe Herdel
When in the Czech Republic, I always rate Staropramen as my second favorite of the widely available pilsners. Clearly behind Pilsner Urquell, and for me, clearly ahead of Budvar.
Of course, all three are great, and among the standards of the style. (In fact, I can't think of a fourth that I would rate among the standards, though there are some outstanding examples in smaller town breweries in the CzR that are pretty incredible, thanks in part of small distirbution and attendant freshness at the tap room or nearby.)
But, as someone else said, I often find bottles here in the states to be off. But then, I often find bottles of PU to be off, too.
Both are best enjoyed on tap if you can find them. Staropramen not widely available that way here in So. Calif.
Oh, another one I like, but I'm not going to quite elevate it to "standard" level: Starobrno.
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Matthew Shugart

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