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Sam Adams Boston Lager
Just wondering how this beer rates with everyone. I just got a kegerator & finished my first keg(Bud Light) this weekend. Replaced it with a keg of Sam Adams. Quite good compared to the Bud. Any...
16 years ago 5
Re: King of beers
The beer from Ceske Budejowice isn't a Pilsner either. There's an important distinction, though, in that (mis)labeling Bud as a "pilsner" doesn't prohibit Plzn, or a brewery in Pilsen, (or anyone else...
16 years ago 14
Victory V-12
I was wondering what other people thought about this beer? I bought a case after having it at a local bar and thought it was excellent. I prefer it over Golden Monkey. I am aging the beer in a cooler,...
16 years ago 1
Re: Victory Golden Monkey.......decent example of a Tripel????'re catching on quicker than I did. I had a sixer of GM last year, before I really started appreciating Belgian style ales. Since then, I've been hooked on a good "local" for me; New Belgium...
16 years ago 20
Re: What to do with a skunk in a live trap?
Nothing. You're being trolled. f/ups set.
16 years ago
Re: Guinness rules.
While I suspect the OP can't handle anything more flavorful than Bud. Guinness - at least the standard version that's on draught throughout the States, and in the nitro cans - is far from a perfect...
16 years ago 40
beercollection homepage
In my newest update 60 new beers added! Have a look at
16 years ago
New York City Homebrewers Guild
This month's meeting of the NYCHG will take place on Tuesday, July 22, at Brewsky's, located at 41 East Seventh Street (between 2nd and 3rd avenues) at 7:30pm. Our guest speaker will be beer author,...
17 years ago 2
Wanted: Beer Coasters
Hi I collect beer coasters and am always looking for new ones. I'd like to trade for duplicates in my collection. Please email me if interested. Thanks! -- Bob Finnan To reply: replace spamless with...
17 years ago 2
Belgium beer trip.
I'll be landing in Amsterdam 31 July, spending a few days there, followed by a trip to Brussels for a couple of days for work, then Antwerpen, Ghent and Brugges (in no order) and back to Amsterdam...
17 years ago 7
Breweriana site - Upd. 13 july 2003
Breweries Worldwide (6.378 addresses - 1.280 links), Club & Collectors International Meetings, Beer Link, Labels, Coasters, Breweriana 1998
17 years ago
New US source for HYDRO, SOMA, ADIPEX
Found a great new US source.Ordered at 3pm and got it next morning. Didnt have to do anything but an online consult which was free and 2 day fedex was free too. Email me and I will give you the place....
17 years ago 2
Beer Wholesaling
One shoud do what one loves --- how would one go about getting a firsttime job in beer wholesales ? If anyone is in the business, what got you interested and what is a good tip for geting such a job?
17 years ago
Great American Beer Fest
Making plans to attend this event in Denver in Sept, I'd be interested in reviews from past attendees. My wife and I were there once. Never again will I attend that waste of money and time. Save your...
17 years ago 4
Funny Billboard
Flew into Milwaukee last week, was driving thru town and saw a great billboard which read, "Can you beleive some cities do not have a brewery tour?" I don't frequent this newsgroup, but just wanted to...
17 years ago 4