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Re: highland oatmeal from asheville
"arizona cowboy" wrote on 02 Jul 2003: Yes. The Oatmeal Stout, I presume. I hope the beer is a bit yeastier. Witzel
16 years ago 1
Re: Red Hook issues
I'm from Seattle, and Redhook was one of my absolute favorites. I moved to Portugal two months ago, and I'm missing the variety of beer I used to have. Portugal's selection just isn't very big. I'd ...
16 years ago 1
Quite happy new beer taster :)
Being on the PBR and Keystone Ice train for about a year, I have started in homebrewing and learning all about the wonderous varities of beer out there!!! I came to discover I have a real real taste ...
16 years ago 1
Re: recently tried Bell's Expedition Stout and Stone's Old Guardian
I like them both. Stone's imperial stout is also very good.
16 years ago
World Brew Review #2
"Beer, if drank in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health." - Thomas Jefferson Summer is here and many of us will be spending time outdoors at picnics and barbeques e...
16 years ago
Austrian Breweries
Watch my HP for informations about austrian breweries (now 124 breweries listed). You can find there adresses, telephonnumbers, history, owners, links etc. Now all entries updated! www.brauereifuehre...
16 years ago
Almost TOO hoppy...
So my wife went on this damn Atkins diet and by consequence I am sort of on it asswell. Basically you cut out all sugars, white flour, etc. (evil evil carbs!) I went two weeks without drinking a sing...
16 years ago
let me tell you...
...drinking one right now, and loving it.
16 years ago
Re: Some questions...
This is all I coul find right now ... Tinkoff Sixteen Tons Pyatiy Okean
16 years ago
I tried two Bavaria. One is Bavaria Brazil, and the other one is Bavaria Holland. I am little confused. The Bavaria brand is same but why it comes from different countries? Also, some one said Bav...
16 years ago 2
Re: Wanted: Beer Coasters
Hallo, i also collect beermats but only from Belgian breweries. Which countries do you collect ? Rik Belgium "Bookman" schreef in bericht news:bd9jtv$qr956$
16 years ago
rancid beer ?
any one tried Samuel Smiths's "Taddy Porter" ? got a 4 pack the other day and it kinda tastes like vinegar . is ment to taste like that ?
16 years ago 3
Re: Swill List
Rolling Rock: Skunky, nasty shit. Heinekin: Probably the worst beer ever made. Black Label: Bad, just plain bad.
16 years ago 19
Re: Mexican beers
Mexican beer is to beer as Mexican water is to water. 'Nuff said!
16 years ago 4
Re: norwegian beers
Mikrobryggeriet in Oslo varies, some of their seasonal ales can be excellent (.e.g Juleøl - Christsmas Beer). The rest is; yes - standard lagers and a cluster of imports (Guinness, Kilkenny, Heineken...
16 years ago 1