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Ohio man pays $740 for first beer sold at fair
OTTAWA, Ohio (AP) - Talk about an expensive drink. A man in northwest Ohio has shelled out $740 for the first beer ever sold at a county fair. Putnam County Fair officials auctioned off the first ca...
8 years ago
Yuengling, the Pennsylvania beer that has Ohio talking
Posted: 11:38 AM Last Updated: 34 minutes ago By John Kosich, POTTSVILLE, Pa. - When word got out this week that Pennsylvania-based Yuengling beer would be expanding west into the O...
8 years ago
Extra water in bottles
I made me a batch of beer, folks, first one in a while, using about double the amount of extract required. What if I just add some water to each bottle, say a third, during the bottling stage? Any neg...
8 years ago 2
Summer Cocktails Made Simpler
S O, what’ll it be tonight? How about a Smoke Signal made with bacon-infused rye, chipotle syrup, cold-brewed coffee ice and porter? Or the Grillo Canción, an exotic and possibly deranged member of...
8 years ago
Charles J. Koch Jr. was brewer, father of Boston Beer founder
Retired brewer Charles J. Koch Jr., father of Boston Beer Co. founder Jim Koch, died Monday at his family farm in Georgetown. He was 88. A Cincinnati native and graduate of Withrow High School and th...
8 years ago
Proposal would allow beer with bigger buzz
COLUMBUS, Ohio ? A change proposed for the two-year state budget would allow Ohioans to buy boozier beer, up to 18 percent alcohol. The current limit is 12 percent. State Senate Majority Leader Jimm...
8 years ago
Brewery seeking Columbia Tusculum site
By Lisa Wakeland ? COLUMBIA TUSCULUM ? Scott LaFollette is a master homebrewer and now he wants to turn his passion for beer into a business. LaFollette has...
8 years ago
Ten Years Ago - Cincinnati Brewing Timeline
Cincinnati Brewing Timeline By Alisha Woolery Cincinnati.Com Contributor January 1812: The first Cincinnati brewery was opened by Davis Embree. Courtesy of Hudepohl-Schoenling 1836: By the end o...
8 years ago
Local company carries on brewing tradition - FIFTEEN YEAR OLD STORY
By Alisha Woolery Cincinnati.Com Contributor Hudepohl-Schoenling Communications Director Paul Abrams' office is covered in Cincinnati brewery memorabilia. Along the top of his desk are the company's...
8 years ago
new update beerhomepage
New update beerhomepage tasted beers This time alsoo American beers added So far i tasted about 8000 beers.
8 years ago
Study shows drinking could lead to longer life-span
KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Most people think the more people drink, the shorter life-span. But an article in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research abstaining from alcohol does increa...
8 years ago
Water is always a good choice to rehydrate after working out, but researchers suggest beer is better
Posted: 04/11/2011 Last Updated: 9 hours and 46 minutes ago By: Mike Markewinski KSHB-TV Forget water or Gatorade. The drink of choice to rehydrate after a good workout is beer. Researchers at...
8 years ago
Cincinnati - Complete Bockfest 2011 planner
Bockfest is a weekend chockfull of parades and parties and history lessons - and yes, it's inspired by a beer. Hardy, sudsy, filling bock beer. How many other cities throw a big bash to celebrate bee...
8 years ago
Brewery District to envision future
OVER-THE-RHINE - Eroding breweries and aging historic buildings in Over-the-Rhine could get new life through a plan presented Tuesday by the Brewery District Community Urban Development Corp. By July...
8 years ago
Boston Lager: Imported from Cincinnati
CINCINNATI - Watch the full story now in the video pane, or tonight on 9 News at 6 p.m. A man named Charles Koch toiled away as a brewer's apprentice at the old Schoenling brewery, not knowing that o...
8 years ago