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Speaking of Winter Beers/Ales
Just wondering what folks' favorite or preferred Winter potables are. My traditional choice is Young's Winter Warmer, but I can not always get that in my area. I just bought 2 six packs of Winter...
11 years ago 8
Winter Brews - Cincinnati Citybeat
Winter Brews Sam Adams beer ices others in taste test RICH SHIVENER | CIN WEEKLY Seasonal beers - they're cute, but just how good they are can vary. We asked bartenders Josh Beshears, Brittany Bu...
11 years ago 14
SNIPER || for PEDO James Riske (AKA Steve Leyland bobandcarole Fred Hall) ==>> How are you doing with Ur PEDO George Orwell nic? 11232007_02 HTH newbie SNIPER
11 years ago
Three Floyds Dreadnaught
I got a bottle in a trade. Wow. Just Wow. Best balance between the malt and hops I've ever tasted in a DIPA and I've tasted quite a few. I call it "world class". ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com...
11 years ago 2
Which of these have you seen street drinkers drink when they run out of cider/tennents?
Antifreeze Aftershave De Icer Thinners Brake fluid Paint stripper Meths Turps Lighter fluid Screen wash Deoderant
11 years ago 1
Gasthaus temperature...
can't remember, the beers over there in Sandhofen, Germany, warmer than the downtown Mannheim B-Bars, right? Blue
11 years ago 2
Re: Looks like they're full of em.....
1. Because they are trolls. 2. You spammed this to rec.nude. It has nothing to do with us either. -T.
11 years ago 1
Anybody know how much Samuel Adams beer costs?
I have to buy some for a party and I have no clue how much it costs. (I'm normally more of a miluakee's best type of guy myself.)
11 years ago 24
Homebrewers Alley 2
Large beer competition in NYC on a Sunday in February, I'd like to judge Meads there. Plan to take Amtrak up there on Saturday and back to Ball-mer (the city that slurs) on Sunday evening. I need ...
11 years ago
Point Beer
I grew up in Wausau Wisconsin. Wausau is about half an hour north of Stevens Point where Point beer is brewed. I remember my dad treated Point beer as a delicacy and would rave about the "gift fro...
11 years ago 1
What is the worst beer you have ever tasted?
If you were to describe the worst beer you ever tasted, what would it be and what did it taste like? Sorry if this was posted before, I'm new to the group. For me, I would have to say it was Harle...
11 years ago 8
eBay: Brew Your Own magazine - 3-year subscription, $10
11 years ago 4
OT: Hey, absinthe is legal again in the USA. I wonder if the Old Absinthe House in NOLA will step up? Did Old Absinthe House ever serve absinthe? Did it survive the hurricanes? When did it com...
11 years ago 4
Falstaff and Dixie beer
Interesting comments about New Orleans breweries at,4090.msg121997.html#new
11 years ago 6
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