Speaking of Winter Beers/Ales

Just wondering what folks' favorite or preferred Winter potables are.
My traditional choice is Young's Winter Warmer, but I can not always get
that in my area. I just bought 2 six packs of Winter Hook, I've not had
this one before though I've had most of the "Hook" line--in fact my very
first beer was a Ballard Bitter (that I think is now their ESB).
Anyway, thoughts, opinions, ratings of this and other Winter/Holiday
beers and ales appreciated.
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Larry Swain
On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 10:27:52 -0600, Larry Swain wrote:
I brew a Strong Scotch Ale that weighs in at 9.5% abv. Big, chewy and smokey! One of those usually keeps me warm.
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Ballard Bitter became their IPA. Their flagship beer is ESB. I love Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome, especially now that they are in brown bottles. Lots of other Winter brews I like....
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Bill Becker
Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig and Holiday porter are good. Sierra Nevada Celebration is probably my all-time favorite winter beer - it's the only beer I ever buy a whole case of. Great Divide Hibernation, Deschutes Jubilation and Pyramid Snowcap are all delicious asswell.
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Agree about the Celebration Ale-- you'd think I'd be getting tired of it after all these years, but each year it continues to impress me with its combination of high yet not outdone hopping along with a clean, crisp maltiness. I generally like Avery beers, but I had a Jubilation last night and think its a bit sharp or something for my tastes. Enjoying a Delirium Noel right now. Nothing great, but very pleasant. Can't wait for Samichlaus to show up on tap in town-- Perhaps the ultimate holiday beer.
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I'll join those saying Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, and Samichlaus (which, by the way, makes for a good ingredient in fudge with toffee chips!), are very nice (but the latter is HIGH in alcohol, so some people definitely won't like it)...
I'll add a couple "locals" -- Goose Island Christmas Ale (sometimes too much spice in it, but usually quite yummy), and Three Floyd's Alpha Klaus (holy crap is it good on tap!).
And last year a local bar actually had Ayinger Christmas/Winter on tap. Wow. I prefer Celebrator, but what an unexpected treat!
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Russ Perry Jr.
Never had it on tap, must be amazing.
I've read two reports on the beer forums of Eggenberg re-introducing the old "Light" (as in color, not calories) version of Samichlaus- labeled "Helles" - this year (which had been dropped by Feldschlösschen in the mid-80's). Oddly, both reports were from Idaho- not exactly a beer mecca or even a notable test market, tho' probably a region where a strong winter beer is welcome.
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My old standby is of course the Anchor Christmas. I think year after year it is the best of the spiced brews. This year I bought a case of Mendocino's seasonal ale which was a DIPA. At $5.99/sixer it is an absolute steal if you can get it. Not really very 'seasonal' in my mind though. I personally found this years FFFs Alpha Klaus to be a little to high on the coffee flavor compared to past offerings. The beer I truly miss is the old Pete's Wicked Winter Brew from the mid-late 90's. That beer was just about perfect in the amount of spice it had and it still retaining an easy drinkability. Really a shame it's gone.
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