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Cost of Home Brew
Can anybody tell me how much money they have into a 12 oz bottle of home brewed beer. Not that price is all that important for good beer, I just can't see doing a lot of work when so many good beer...
13 years ago 19
Reculturing yeat from bottles
Does anyone have comments to reculturing yeast from commercial beers? In particular Pilsners. I'm interested in knowing what beers might be best, as I've read that some bottlers hide their yeast cul...
13 years ago 1
Extreme Recipes in Brew Your Own
Has anyone tried any of the Extreme Beer Recipes in the latest Brew Your Own Magazine? I have been looking for some of the ingredients and came across with the exact kits for ...
13 years ago 1
Brand Names for Beers
Why is it that so many craft brewers feel they have to have some weird name for their products, names such as (fictitious but not far off) "Creeping Spider Beer" or "Pasture Droppings Seasonal Mal...
13 years ago 7
Samuel Adams Millenium
If anyone is interested in this beer, I have an auction on eBay right now. If anyone knows someone who would be interested, I'd appreciate if you draw their attention to the auction. Thank you, Jo...
13 years ago
Ft Collins Retro Red
It's red, it's malty with some good roastiness and caramel sweetness, and it has a good hop presence that gives it a good balance. Lots of "good"s there and they are there for a reason. This is no...
13 years ago
Heavyweight Stickenjab Alt & Cinderbock Lager
The Alt is a wonderfully malty brew with just enough hops to prevent it from being, this is a *very* tasty one that needs to be tried before it disappears from the shelves for ever. ...
13 years ago 3
Speakeasy Double Daddy Imperial IPA
It's an Imperial IPA, 9.5% alc, out of San Fran. I like their IPA a lot, but this MFer - I just now tried it and am struggling w/the keyboard as I type this - is just too much for MY tastes. I'm a h...
13 years ago 2
Any beer better than Coors light
Anything out there? Thanks
13 years ago 9
New Social Network for Beer Drinkers (
New Social Network for Beer Drinkers /beerdrinkers source: Zorpia Launches Social Network Site for China; Company Plans t...
13 years ago
Metolius Hare's Ear Hefeweizen
This *has* to be the blandest Wheat beer I've ever flavour whatsoever! ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Unrestricted-Secure Usenet News==---- Th...
13 years ago 5
American Beer vs German Beer
What are the differences? TIA
13 years ago 5
Beer Making
Where can I find good instructions for making beer?
13 years ago 3
No longer a virgin
Well I brewed my first batch of beer ever so I guess I am no longer a homebrew virgin. I brewed "Windriver Brewing's - Old Glory American Pale Ale". They just moved to my neck of the woods from Mi...
13 years ago 5
Unannounced (and perhaps inadvertent) IPA-Fest at Toronado
There's nothing on their website ( indicating that this is an intentional concatenation of brews, but San Francisco's Toronado is currently featuring a dozen IPAs which would make f...
13 years ago 1