Speakeasy Double Daddy Imperial IPA

It's an Imperial IPA, 9.5% alc, out of San Fran. I like their IPA a
lot, but this MFer - I just now tried it and am struggling w/the
keyboard as I type this - is just too much for MY tastes. I'm a hophead
all the way, but this one tastes like barley wine. It's hyperbolic.
Thanks for trying, independently owned Speakeasy Ales and Lagers of SF,
but... And I find it hard to believe it's ONLY 9.5%...One of these 12
ozers makes me feel like THREE kick ass double IPAs, such as Pliny the
Elder (which to me is a thing of beauty and joy to behold forever).
This Double Daddy seems more in cahoots with Pliny the Younger, who
seems to think his dad and his dad's generation a bit daft; the Younger
is SERIOUS about getting things done, and not as much fun to be around,
Back to the brew in Q in the subject heading: Some of you may dig it.
It's sorta like drinking hard alc for me. So I "cut" my second one by
doing a 50/50 with Steelhead Extra Pale Ale out of Humboldt County.
(Mad River Brewing Co of Blue Lake, CA to be exact)
That was truly palatable. I pat myself on the back for the improv
shithead alchemy, get ready for bed, hope I don't wake with a gin-like
And so, now I lay me down to sleep, sub-Bukowski buzzed, visions of
topless hop-goddesses dancing in my head, I wish I may, I wish I...
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9.5% seems a bit high for a double IPA. Would seem to be taking it more into the Great Divide Old Ruffian "hoppy as hell barleywine" category.
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Dan Iwerks
I had a couple of bombers of the Ruffian last winter, and thought it was pretty balanced. I liked it a lot. I've been digging the Titan IPA lately as well.
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