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I've been contacted by someone in Ireland who wants to buy about one hundred half litre beer glasses. He's looking for brim measures. Quite why, I've no idea.
I don't know what the law of Ireland has to say about dispensing free flow beer, whether it needs to be into certified glasses or not (they certainly won't be Crown stamped!) or how it works. I presume he just wants to sell by the half litre and doesn't want to use pint glasses which clearly would give people an extra 13 per cent or so.
I now of several glass suppliers in the UK, but AFAIK they deal only in imperial measures for beer glasses. Does anyone here know of a firm supplying metric measures (other than for wine, spirits etc)?
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N. J. Worthington
N. J. Worthington a écrit :
Indeed, and German manufacturers such as Sahm
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or Rastal
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usually do nominal half-litres that are slightly oversized and lined rather than brim measure. Typically, a german weizenbier glass of nominally a half-litre will clock in at 65cl or so if you fill it to the brim, and a helles tankard at a pint or so, to allow for the head.
Durobor (Belgium) do this one :
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in 51cl
Arcoroc (France/UK,
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do not seem to do any beer goblets between 48 and 58cl, only stemmed tulips at 50cl
Cheers !
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The Submarine Captain
I believe Britain and Ireland are the only countries where beer is sold in brim measure glasses, and in Britain 50cl would be an illegal measure (don't know about Ireland). You may have your work cut out finding a 50cl brim measure beer glass.
Best regards, Paul -- Paul Sherwin Consulting
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Paul Sherwin

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