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Does anyone know of a place to buy import beer glasses. Glasses for beers from around the world. eg Hacker Pschorr, Schneider Weisse, Belle-vu kriek, Royal, etc etc. I would like to start a collection of glasses for different imported beers.
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Some specialist beer stores sell them, but you'd have to do something utterly obvious, like mention the geographical location where you might want to find a good beer shop, to get much advice there.
There are mail-order places, and some have an on-line presence. For instance,
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is a good way to get Belgian beer glasses. For more variety, including German glassware, check out
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(Hint: Google is your friend.)
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I'd second the Global Beer site, although their "antique" glasses can get really spendy. I bought an assortment from them last year, just because they had some glasses I'd never seen - like some saison glasses. Arrived in gorgeous condition, very well packed. Nice people, too.
--Jeff Frane
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Jeff Frane
Kriek Belle vue glasses, you will find it in Belgium, maybe you can contact anybody from belgium with the help of internet...
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Sure that on
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you'll find the glasses you are looking for.
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