When is Kriek not a Kriek?

Why does 'BEER' or 'What's Brewing' often lose control of its senses on overseas beer.
Latest BEER has an initially OK article on chef Phil Vickery and his pub, but then goes on to refer to Framboise as Kriek, which I understand as being nonsense.
Then the recommended Framboise is BelleVue, the Inbev Alcopop.
I look forward to hearing about what food goes with a pint of Fosters or a bottle of WKD next month.
If you check the website for the pub there is not a single reference to beer that I can see, but the wine list goes on and on.
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David Thornhill
In message , Brett... writes
Why bother, some other pedant will do it for him.
And you have to see Belle Vue in context - it's certainly pretty awful compared with fruit beer or even Mort Subite, but still better than vodka and Red Bull (they're both alcoholic Vimto, but Belle Vue's more sour, which makes the sweetness less horrible).
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