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OT : FA - Cold beer at home.
Not real ale - but some nice drops available. Philips Perfect Draught Machine.
11 years ago
Price List
I was in a local pub (more interested in food than drink) and I politely asked where the price list was. The barmaid explained that there wasn't one because the new one (with price amendments) had ...
11 years ago 4
OT? InBev in a spin over Hoegaarden
Politicians would call it a bold move due to increased demand & success, the rest of us might call it a humiliating, yet welcome u- turn? (after InBev had shut the brewing home of the resurrected styl...
11 years ago
Real Ale Champ 2 :~) LocAle & Steve Westby
Following on from that stalwart real ale campaigner, Princess Anne . . . =3D259818688 ______________________________________...
11 years ago 19
Real Ale Fan? PrincessAnne of Coors. Burton Mail > News > A royal appointment if museum is saved? Print page Print page A royal appointment if museum is saved? by...
11 years ago
Cork (Any Recommendations)?
Off to Cork, Ireland soon. Any good real ale pubs worth a visit? I think there is at least a brew pub there?
11 years ago 30
US beer
I've just been on my first trip to the states and I was most impressed at the quality of beer they have over there. Admittedly this was due to my exceedingly low expectations -- I was expecting it a...
11 years ago 12
Real ale pubs in Fareham...
Chaps - I'm out for a curry at Cafe Tusk in Fareham this week and am looking for suggestions as to where I can get a decent pint of real ale before we eat - the Beer Guide seems to show a real ale des...
11 years ago 4
need a job working for a brewery?
Hesket Newmarket are looking for a new brewery manager (not brewing) see for item about it, and follow links to see job spec and the advert, closing date extended to 28th...
11 years ago
(ot) antwerp
an recommendations , going in late May, for beer & food, I have The Tim Webb Guide.
11 years ago 13
I am just drinking my last bottle of Liefmans Kreik & wondered if anyone knew what was happening about Liefmans bankrupcy proceedings & if there is any chance of a reprieve?
11 years ago 4
polypin fridge
Being in the unfortunate position of not having a cellar or anywhere else suitable I have been searching for a fridge the right size for a polypin that can be set to 12 to 13c. I do not have room fo...
11 years ago 2
Cardiff accommodation
11 years ago
Belgian beers - to chill or not to chill?
Hi, Although the shop at the end of my road has an excellent stock of bottled British ales (not to mention a constantly-changing cask), tonight I decided to try something different and came home wi...
11 years ago 19
Spoon Fest
Next one starts October 31st. 2008 Never did track down the Californian........ KW.
11 years ago 9