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Brakespeares Bitter
Brakespeares has long been a favourite of mine, whenever I could find it. In December I found it ,in two separate pubs ,to have an unpleasant sulphurous taste which led me to abandon it for a differ...
11 years ago 15
The Hawley Arms (Camden)
Did this pub have real ale or was it keg only? It's never been in the Good Beer Guide Dave
11 years ago 6
The Evil Pub Quiz Book
Jokers Livid asks such questions as "What does Obelix do for a living?" and "What really is the cheapest square on the monopoly board?". It is available at or e- ma...
11 years ago 7
After years of leaving through Terminal 3 where there's a TGI Fridays, O'Neils and some tarty joint on the walkway outside security, I noticed that the refurbishment had left something called the Si...
11 years ago
Hi all, I shall be going to Kintyre next week for a week. Are there any pubs or Hotel bars anyone would recommend? I have seen the two in the good beer guide but that it not always the full sto...
11 years ago
Ossett/Greene King
I am told that Ossett has done some sort of deal with Greene King - something that was borne out the other day when Old Speckled Hen appeared as a guest in an Ossett pub. Let's hope that Ossett doesn...
11 years ago 18
Any pub recommendations for Llanelli please? Especially near the Panteg, north-west area.
11 years ago FAQ
11 years ago 1
fullers vintage
on sale in sainsburys 4 for price of 3
11 years ago 6
This is the group for British Food!
I was about to post my regular update upon the state of British Food, when I noted the contribution from an abroad chappie, questioning the even-handed content of our group postings. Clearly a bod who...
11 years ago 5
Silly Beggars
Who's playing silly beggars with this (and, presumably, other) NGs posting ranting christian claptrap? Can any geeks out there sort them out?
11 years ago 1
National Winter Ales Festival - Manchester
Arrived at the festival at 5.30 PM on Saturday to find that the vast majority of the beers were sold out. After visiting both floors I would say that only 20 or so beers remained, most of which wer...
11 years ago 7
Beer Styles
Where can I Find a website that lists the different beer styles (mild, bitter, stout, porter strong) real ales of course? Peter (Urmston)
11 years ago 6
British Lagers?
Some years ago I tried something called Black Label. I didn't like it then and never tried any of the other erzats lagers the Big Boys tried to foist on us. As for taste Is there any?
11 years ago 20
Cask lager
Hi all, for my pains I'm organising the Melton Mowbray beer festival (its not until September so there's no rush). This year we're going to try and have a (cask) lager bar to try and convert the hor...
11 years ago 15