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Bottle conditioned?
I'm a relative youngster in real ale drinking terms, and I don't know much about beer but I know what I like - variety, character, and a willingness to experiment with tastes that may not cater to t...
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Essex pub festival - January
January 25 to 27 Station Arms 39 Station Road Southminster CMO 7EW Essex Tel: 01621 772225 25 Real Ales and Cider Hot Food Fri 5:30 to 11pm Sat Noon to 11pm Sun Noon to 10:30 200 yards from Southmi...
11 years ago
From Today's Observer,,2239931,00.html
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cheap real ale!
Just had 3 pints for little more than the normal price of one!! 3 pints cost £2.97 tonight in our spoons! One pub in same town charges £2.60 per pint. (not that I go there....!) -- Chris de Cord...
11 years ago 22
FA English Inn Signs vintage signboards
English Inn Signs,being a modernised & revised version of History of Signboards by Jacob Larwood & John Camden Hotten.VGC large hardback, 1st ed.1951.336 pages. For anyone interested in the history & ...
11 years ago 3
Carrykeg Container
This weekend I dropped and broke my 4 pint Carrykeg Container in which I take home my real Ale each Saturday evening. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new one by post. I live in Gwynedd, North ...
11 years ago 8
"real ale" two hundred years old.
What do you make of this?
11 years ago 6
Wetherspoons 'limit parents drinks'
Mixed feelings about this one:
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11 years ago
Hoppy New Year!
Happy New Year to all that still read this newsgroup. www.tandlemanbeerblog.blogspot,com Peter
11 years ago 1
Paper Makers Arms, Tovil, Maidstone
I just discovered the P&DJ Goacher website ( and note that their original tied house (around the corner and up Tovil Hill from the brewery) is not listed as carrying their bee...
11 years ago 1
Horsham area breweries?
My nephew is now working at or near Horsham. I'd like to point him in the direction of a local source of fine real ale. My best plan (subject to availability) is to invest £20 with a local brewery ...
11 years ago 5
FFS - women specific beer!
And she spent £35,000 researching the market beforehand - whole breweries have been started on less, though I suppose she'll be spending a lot on publicity aimed at the sort of person who buys the...
11 years ago 24
Eat out for less
Hello, Fancy eating for less? Save a bundle. You can just log on to
11 years ago
Price of a Pint
The press seems to be full of doom and gloom stories about the rocketing price of barley and hops, which in turn will lead to a price rise at the pub of up to 60%. eg:
11 years ago 48