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Beer Styles
Where can I Find a website that lists the different beer styles (mild, bitter, stout, porter strong) real ales of course? Peter (Urmston)
12 years ago 6
British Lagers?
Some years ago I tried something called Black Label. I didn't like it then and never tried any of the other erzats lagers the Big Boys tried to foist on us. As for taste Is there any? -- Brian W...
12 years ago 20
Cask lager
Hi all, for my pains I'm organising the Melton Mowbray beer festival (its not until September so there's no rush). This year we're going to try and have a (cask) lager bar to try and convert the hor...
12 years ago 15
Bottle conditioned?
I'm a relative youngster in real ale drinking terms, and I don't know much about beer but I know what I like - variety, character, and a willingness to experiment with tastes that may not cater to t...
12 years ago 12
Essex pub festival - January
January 25 to 27 Station Arms 39 Station Road Southminster CMO 7EW Essex Tel: 01621 772225 25 Real Ales and Cider Hot Food Fri 5:30 to 11pm Sat Noon to 11pm Sun Noon to 10:30 200 yards from Southmi...
12 years ago
From Today's Observer,,2239931,00.html
12 years ago 20
cheap real ale!
Just had 3 pints for little more than the normal price of one!! 3 pints cost £2.97 tonight in our spoons! One pub in same town charges £2.60 per pint. (not that I go there....!) -- Chris de Cord...
12 years ago 22
FA English Inn Signs vintage signboards
English Inn Signs,being a modernised & revised version of History of Signboards by Jacob Larwood & John Camden Hotten.VGC large hardback, 1st ed.1951.336 pages. For anyone interested in the history & ...
12 years ago 3
Carrykeg Container
This weekend I dropped and broke my 4 pint Carrykeg Container in which I take home my real Ale each Saturday evening. Does anyone know where I can purchase a new one by post. I live in Gwynedd, North ...
12 years ago 8
"real ale" two hundred years old.
What do you make of this?
12 years ago 6
Wetherspoons 'limit parents drinks'
Mixed feelings about this one:
12 years ago 26 FAQ
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12 years ago
Hoppy New Year!
Happy New Year to all that still read this newsgroup. www.tandlemanbeerblog.blogspot,com Peter
12 years ago 1
Paper Makers Arms, Tovil, Maidstone
I just discovered the P&DJ Goacher website ( and note that their original tied house (around the corner and up Tovil Hill from the brewery) is not listed as carrying their bee...
12 years ago 1
Horsham area breweries?
My nephew is now working at or near Horsham. I'd like to point him in the direction of a local source of fine real ale. My best plan (subject to availability) is to invest £20 with a local brewery ...
12 years ago 5