Is the Beer Machine any good?

I have made my own beer years ago. It was very good. I dont expect very good beer from the beer machine, but it must be better than store bought. Is it? The wort you just add water and yeast and its all done for you. Then 10 days later you keep it cool and use co2 if needed..So did anyone ever use the beer machine ? Thank you
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Jj Jj
If you think Beer Machine beer is better than store bought you need to find a better store...
If you used to homebrew, and want to again - just buy a kit from your local homebrew store or online.
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Randal Chapman
I think he meant the beer machine might make better beer than the lower priced massed produced beers. I tryed the beer machine and its ok. If you want good beer get a beer kit and do it the best way. Good luck
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