OEM Drum Microphone - Chinese Drum Microphone Manufacturer

OEM Drum Microphone - Chinese Drum Microphone Manufacturer
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China GuangZhou TianTuo Microphone Manufacturing Co., Ltd WebSite:
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Microphone Products are: Wireless Microphones, Conference Microphones,
Headset Microphones, and Lapel Microphones, interview microphones,
wired microphones, musical instrument microphones, drum microphones,
teaching microphones, recording microphones, computer's USB
microphones and microphone accessories and So on.
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Alert AKG D
112 Kick Drum Mic (MPN: D112)Price Range: $187.12 - $254.47 from 18
SellersRebates & Special Offers: $5.00 Bonus availableDescription:
Rugged construction. Finished in non-reflective dark gray, and
includes SA40 stand adapter., This microphone was developed for clean
kick drum and bass guitar performance with a powerful, punchy sound.
User Reviews Not Rated Write a Review Compare PricesProduct Details
New (18 Sellers from $187.12) SellerPrice (USD)Tax &
ShippingAvailabilitySeller Rating Merchant Info
$219.99BottomLinePriceEnter your zip code to show you the best price
including tax & shipping! In Stock725 Reviews Merchant Info $219.99In
Stock513 Reviews Merchant Info $249.00Pre-Order9741 Reviews
TheTwisterGroup.comMerchant Info $187.12In Stock161
ReviewsCompUPlusMerchant Info $190.00In Stock6010 Revie
wsLimitedGoods PG West $198.89In Stock104 Reviews8th Street
MusicMerchant Info $199.00In StockFewer than 10
reviewsActiveMusician.comMerchant Info $199.00In StockNot RatedWrite a
ReviewUnbeatableSale $218.02In Stock847 ReviewsMerchant Info $219.00In
Stock351 ReviewsMerchant Info $219.00In Stock174
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t Info $219.00In StockFewer than 10 reviewsMerchant Info $219.99In
StockSee all-time ratings95 ReviewsCascio Interstate MusicMerchant
Info $249.00See Site126 ReviewsPricePiggie $250.90In Stock14
ReviewsGreatestSale $252.00In Stock376 ReviewsDigitalEtronics
$252.99In Stock721 ReviewsMoogr Electronics $254.47In StockFewer than
10 reviews Shipping costs are based on an estimate of UPS ground or
equivalent carrier within the contiguous US, excluding Alaska and
Hawaii. Please see Seller's website for actual shipping costs. Do you
see a mistake? Report a product or pricing error on the AKG D 112 Kick
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