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Beer Basics TV Show Download
26 part tv series on beer - this has it all. the 20 minute shows are available for download (costs 1.99 each) but very high quality and you can take with you on your laptop or ipod - found them at m...
12 years ago
Paulaner Weissbier
So I've been converted. No more crappy Amstels and Black Labels. At the Waterfront in Cape Town I had a Paulaner Weissbier, apparently it is brewed with the same recipe as that brewed at the actua...
12 years ago 4
Sugar cane industries in Brazil investments
Sugar cane industries in Brazil that produces alcohol and sugar, many plants for sale, at diferent locations sizes and prices and anual production. Also we have at our disposition mines of diamonds,...
12 years ago
Keg Freshness Dates? Sam Adams?
Anyone know how to figure out the "kegged on" dates for keg beers? I just got a keg of Sam Adams Octoberfest and I think it might be too old. It's got a number like 6/17 hand written with a magic ma...
12 years ago 2
distribution problem
WOW! I talked to the guy who stated that the specialty beer section at Binny's is his 'baby'. that Stone products will not make it in until 2008!!?? and maybe into WI in 2007?! The distributors...
12 years ago
Craftbrewery Info
Check out
12 years ago 1
Our "HomeBrewers" team is now ranked in the top one percent
With only 58 current members, our international "HomeBrewers" team is now ranked #120 out of 12,236 teams, so we're definitely showing the world that "HomeBrewers" are a force to be reckoned with....
12 years ago
Fight looms over future of Pittsburgh Brewing
Fight looms over future of Pittsburgh Brewing Tuesday, October 03, 2006 By Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette The unanimous rejection of Pittsburgh Brewing's final contract offer could set the...
12 years ago
City Brewing buys Rolling Rock plant
Yesterday it happened. greg
12 years ago 6
Summit's Marzen
****Summit Oktoberfest/Marzen I came up with a 3.6 on Ratebeer for this and 3.65 on Beeradvocate, so far much of what I've rated recently has corresponded to each other quite close... The beer's ...
12 years ago
Eight Reviews
sorry to bug again, but here's my reviews, I would appreciate any comments on any beers, my new hobby seems to be rating beers, and I would like to become adept, not like a beer judge, but I don't...
12 years ago
St Sixtus Beer ("best of the world")
I live close to the Abbey (in the village Vleteren it...
12 years ago 12
No Booze? You May Lose Jobs
No booze may hurt career
12 years ago 1
What say you now? I haven't been consistently and constantly tasting their beers, but haven't noticed anything strikingly different aboot 'em.
12 years ago 3
Miller's Bitter Beer Face
By Dimitri Vassilaros TRIBUNE-REVIEW Sunday, September 10, 2006 Schlitz is "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous." The Miller Brewing Co. is making Milwaukee infamous. London, too. That's where SA...
12 years ago 2