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Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel
My first time to the maproom ( looked like a hole in the wall), but the beers kicked ass. had this beer by chouffe on tap. I absolutely loved it, I love belgian fruitiness, but am also a hophead as ...
12 years ago 1
Anybody interested in exchanging beer caps, coasters, etc... Please reply to mail...thx!
12 years ago
MGD advertising
I saw an MGD banner which showed picture of a bottle and the words... "Beer. Grown up." They must have run out of ideas on that day... TM
12 years ago
Movie: Beerfest
I saw in the paper that there is a new movie called Beerfest. All the reviews I have read have panned the movie implying it is filmed for mental midgets. Anyone seen it or have an opinion? Thanks ...
12 years ago 4
Wirral (NW UK) Food Festival Sun & Mon
Hi Folks, excuse the intrusion from a former usenet regular, I'm just trying to let foodies & beery-bods know about this (non-profit) food festival, farmers' market & mini beer-fest. The beer marqu...
12 years ago
Highly Hopped
What I've noticed with highly hopped brews is that . . . The effects are like that of get all 'hopped' up and then you actually start to feel the hoppiness-buzz leave and you want to d...
13 years ago 11
FS - 2 Tix Roger Waters PNC *Below Face Value*
I bought the tix way back when but will be unable to attend. Face value of these tix is $150, selling them for $135:
13 years ago 1
34 Year Old IPA Virgin
Got my IPA cherry popped by Goose Island...Tasted like a Christmas wreath done up "Fargo" style... Do other IPAs have such a 'piney' taste? TM
13 years ago 3
Hacker-Pschorr packaging question
Is H-P Weisse the same as the HefeWeizen? I had a 500ml bottle which just had weisse on it...thanks in advance... TM
13 years ago 1
Guinness Draught Details::Height of Head
Any resource out there on the web that discusses the height of the head for a perfect pour of Guinness Draught? 1/4 inch? 1/2 inch? 3/4 inch? 1 inch?
13 years ago 5
Worst Beer You Ever Actually Finished A Can/Bottle/Glass Of Memochat
I can't make up my mind between Bud Dry and Meister Brau.
13 years ago 87
Beer sales falling flat
Beer sales falling flat as wine, other beverages grow in popularity Sunday, August 06, 2006 By Len Boselovic Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "SOPHISTICATED BEER DRINKER." If the above phrase leaves an o...
13 years ago 15
So it looks like there's too damned many CAMRA fests to choose from throughout the year. They can't all be great, can they (assuming one doesn't believe that no one fest can't be any better than an...
13 years ago 2
Shelf-life of a re-racked cask
[I originally posted this to, but that is a rather low-volume group and I'm not confident of getting a good answer. I'm re-posting it here in order to get it in front of...
13 years ago 1
IPA Wet hops at The Toronado
Way back when, November 2005: and finally: ...
13 years ago 2