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This group is seeking "endorsements"
You guys should check out this web site! I look over it and it seems legit! ! They wanna change the alcohol curfew from 1am to 3am in Arizona.
16 years ago 1
ot-classic cocktails
i have a friend who owns a basic kids bar(horrible music, cheap bud light and current trendy shot special, lots of bottles that get opened yearly). Tuesday nights are dead so i usually drop bye and he...
16 years ago 2
Porterhouse Music & Brew fest - Northwest Washington
Hey Northwest gang (and I know you're out there) - here's a perfect excuse for a road trip to check out a new beer bar with some pizazz. Mount Vernon's newest beer & wine & good food joint is throwin...
16 years ago 1
Anyone else attending this year? I was around this afternoon. Quite warm. The south tent was much more pleasant. Better shade. Some remnants of green grass. Oh and beer. Tried Celis White for the fir...
16 years ago 1
Hello and goodbye!
After finding this newsgroup and reading it for a while or "lurking" as they say, I decided to post an article that I had saved from the RealBeer web site awhile back. It was a tongue in cheek compari...
16 years ago 17
Beer is More Complicated Than Wine
As most serious aficionados already know, beer is the Rodney Dangerfield of the beverage world. Despite the fact that it boasts a greater diversity of style, wider breadth of flavour and more food fri...
16 years ago 15
Caguama Beer
Yes, it's a relativly inexpensive El Salvadoran brew made for the Kroger supermarket chain, but I like it! I find it refreshing and yummy, a near perfect summer beer! p.s. And the turle on the bottl...
16 years ago 3
Did their site shit the bed again ... I feel bad for all of the users over there and hope they get things up and running again. ------------ Jason Alström Art of Beer Festival : Stammtisch A Gather...
16 years ago 6
Unibroue 11
Has anybody here tried this beer yet? It's Unibroue's 11th anniversary beer, brewed to 11% alcohol. Anyways, I just popped one, and find that it's quite undercarbonated. Tastes kinda like a really ...
16 years ago 2
Big chocolatey barleywine ?
Does such a thing exist? Either commercially or in a homebrew? I'm thinking La Trappe Dubbel crossed with a malty barley wine with strong chocolate notes.
16 years ago 8
Visiting Milwaukee this weekend for work. Hit pubcrawler and found some good places to go...but I want to hit some area liquor stores for unusual beers I cannot find in Omaha. I will be staying at th...
16 years ago 1
NY Mayor does not like beer drinkers
Saw this article in the paper. Ahhh, the joys of a summer day, when the toughest decision might be the choice between a perfectly chilled bottle of wine and an ice cold beer. That choice might be a ...
16 years ago 9
Kegerator-drilling into
I have two kegerators... I ran lines to a draft tower and am curious as to drilling into the side of them to run the beer lines.... On the front of both I have an auxliery tap. Have any of you drille...
16 years ago 1
What make a "Dry" Beer?
I am wondering what make a beer taste dry? I have been enjoying a few brews at the Flying Saucer, and notice that every once in a while I will drink a beer that seems to have a dryness after the swall...
16 years ago 1
Looking for Greek and Turkish beers
I'm looking for a place where I can order Mythos beer from Greece and Efes beer from Turkey. Anyone know a source in the U.S. that will ship them to me? I'm not a bar or liquor store owner; I just wan...
16 years ago 1