Coffee made in Bodum vacuum pot tastes bad.

My son has a Bodum vacuum pot that he's used for about a year. At first the coffee tasted good. He said the coffee lately has either been tasting bitter or has no taste at all. He uses bottled water and the same coffee he's always used. He changed the filter and that didn't improve the flavor. He did mention the coffee was taking longer to brew than normal. He grinds the beans the same amount of time as before. Any suggestions on what he can do?
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I don't have a bodum, but another vacuum pot.
Make sure its clean and it sounds like he needs to adjust his grinder.
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Which Bodum vacuum pot does he have. If it is the Santos, then there is not much that can go wrong. If it is the electric version, then it needs to be checked. If it is taking longer, then it sounds like there is a fault in the heater or timer.
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