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Hello, I would like to know if there are sites with documents (books, videos), for beginners, about espresso and specially about frothing, steaming milk. A good site i know, containing, a lots of...
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Gourmet Coffee
We need to get the facts straight of what is gourmet coffee. You could say that gourmet coffee needs to have at least all of the following elements: • The best coffee beans from the best crop. •...
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16 years ago
Kopi Luwak in the UK
(sorry for the Xposting this message also appears in ) Hi I've been looking to buy some Kopi Luwak for a while now for a bit of a celebration but haven't been able to find a decent supplier who will...
16 years ago
Help out with this coffee survey
A friend of mine is conducting a survey of coffee drinkers. I take it there may be one or two in this group, yes? It takes three or four minutes to complete. Thanks for your help. Tried your link but...
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Is shot "wait time" important when making mixed coffee drinks (mochas, cappucinos, etc.)?
Heya! I've read that the longest an espresso shot should be left sitting after it's pour is twenty seconds because leaving it long affects the crema. I always assumed that this only applied to shots...
16 years ago
Re: FS I.D.E.A. SUPER modem 30S Espresso machine
| FS I.D.E.A. modem 30S super Espresso machine including cart, | excellent condition, located Los Angeles $2800 takes all. This unit | is 6 years old. Can email photos. What baud rate? - David R. --...
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Delicious Coffee !
Has anyone tried this stuff! Great Tasting coffee and reasonable price. Our friends have done a great job.
16 years ago
FA: demitasse and espresso accessories & stuff
Folks, I quit drinking coffee and these are the things I have to sell, so far... More to come later... A nice, used but EXCELLENT condition DeLonghi Espresso machine, pump, CAFFE Carmen model.
16 years ago
Livia for sale
I've got a prestine condition Livia full automatic espresso machine that I am getting ready to list on e-bay. It's perfect - no scratches anywhere. It has seen very little usage - a few shots a day...
16 years ago
Great New Coffee Shop
16 years ago
Bramah's Museum of Tea and Coffee, 40 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1UN.
The Bramah Museum, only two minutes from London Bridge Station, is the world's first museum devoted entirely to the history of tea and coffee. It tells the commercial and social 400 year old history...
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Anyone ordered from Swiss-Trader???
I made an online order from Swiss-Trader May 9 for some Saeco espresso machine parts. I was willing to pay a rather steep $14.55 for UPS ground shipping because they actually listed espresso pod...
16 years ago 2
Cunill Grinder Electrical Short
After just a few days of light to moderate use my Cunill emitted a rather larger blue electrical flame and a few puffs of burnt wire smoke from the top of the machine, and then went dead. RIP Mssr....
17 years ago
Re: Very strong coffee recipe
I have followed your link and find a problem with the recipe, well perhaps more than one problem. Take good coffee and dilute it with, yuck, cream, and double yuck sugar. Perhaps I might add cream and...
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