Gourmet Coffee

We need to get the facts straight of what is gourmet coffee.
You could say that gourmet coffee needs to have at least all of the
following elements:
• The best coffee beans from the best crop.
• The roasting temperatures and times are the correct ones.
• Every lot is tasted for quality.
• Coffee is packed properly.
• A good quality source.
Some big companies don't even have an idea of what this means and sure
they claim that they are gourmet coffee. Non sense, the best coffee
in the world is not Kona, Colombian nor Costa Rican to name a few.
It's just the ones that have the correct elements.Of course they
should garantee the source.
We give control all the process from the picking of the grains to the
packing, Kiry Coffee is truly a gourmet costa rican coffee from the
source, no intermediaries or 3rd parties. All the coffee beans are
selected from the best the crop has to offer. Kiry Coffee does not
come in different qualities, only in different degrees of roasting, it
is all gourmet coffee. There is only one quality in Kiry Coffee,
It's widely known that big companies like S..b..s say that they sell
Costa Rican coffee, but the cannot guarantee the source they burn it
and don't package it properly.
My opinion I guess,
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So if/when your coffee arrives on my doorstep - how long has it been since it was roasted?
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Gourmet refers to somebody who is versed in the culinary arts or one who truly appreciates fine food. A coffee is not gourmet.
gour·met Pronunciation: 'gur-"mA, gur-' Function: noun Etymology: French, from Middle French, alteration of gromet boy servant, vintner's assistant, probably ultimately from Middle English grom groom Date: 1820 : a connoisseur of food and drink; broadly : CONNOISSEUR 2 synonym see EPICURE - gourmet adjective
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Rob Yokom
in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
[etc. etc. etc.]
[etc. etc. etc.]
I'll give you marks for well targeted advertisement, but advertisement this appears to be. There are, so far as Google Groups knows, no previous postings by you (looked under your e-mail address, your domain, and your name, which I assume is Oscar Beeche) to alt.coffee, and your first post is a self-serving essay on coffee quality, which just happens to point to your company's coffee as an exemplar of what gourmet coffee is.
In the future, it would be smarter to establish your bona fides by being open about who you are and what you do, winning our trust, and talking about how you select, roast, etc. your coffee is a less self-serving way.
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Arien Malec
But perhaps most importantly, it must be fresh. I used the search engine on the site youspammed here, and searched for the word "fresh". It drew a blank.
I did, however, come across the following:
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On 31 Jul 2003 14:59:59 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@kirycoffee.com (Oscar @
And I just have to ask what "grains" you are picking. Normally one picks coffee or coffee cherries. aloha, Cea
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Farmers & Sellers of 100% Kona Coffee & other Great Stuff
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Smithfarms Pure Kona
"Oscar @ KiryCoffee" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com...
Indeed let get things straight:
Best coffee from best crop?? One countries best crop can be really bad compared to another countries crop One regions best crop can be . . . etc
Roasting has nothing to do with inital qualities of the green.
Who is tasting? are you??
Just normal jute bags is fine with me, or maybe a barrel would do as well.
Why a good quality source, you were talking about beans not quality sources, a bad quality source might give you the best beans in the world, just watch your purse . .
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Ivo van der Putten

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