air space

how much space should I leave in the bottle? ive read that you should only
leave a half inch. so on many batches I've filled up closer to the top after
taking out the bottling tube. ive also read that when you remove the
bottling tube it will be just the right amount of space leaving about an
inch(how could this be the same in all size bottles?). what is the rule?
more space more oxidation? ive done both ways and have had no probs so far.
what to yall do?
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Hey, I try leaving an inch. It ususally just works out that way what from removing the hose and all. On my present brew, I'm just hoping that the yeast will hold up for carbonation. Experimenting with a new yeast and don't know quite what kind of alchohol tolerance it has. It should come out fine, going to bottle this coming week. Oxidation really comes more from how you handle it than any friggin' dinky inch you leave on top of your bottle. But just in case, I try drinking all my homebrew within a month and invite friends over to accomplish that. They love that, Victor
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