Brewing Software: any recommendations?

Brewing Software: any recommendations? For the past year I have been using BeerToolsPro, and after devoting probably more than a hundred hours in usage and in trying to help the developers identify bugs, etc., in the their alpha/beta programs, I'm ready to toss in the towel now. Fixes and improvements are slowwwwww in coming, and it just doesn't seem to be worth it any more. The developers appear to have other priorities.
I don't mind spending money; I just want a good program that works well. Any suggestions?
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Bill Velek

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 01:05:39 -0600, Bill Velek wrote:
I don't have any recommendations, but thank you for the heads up. They pitched their program recently to me as a Gold member, and at about $15, I thought I might buy it. After your experience, I think I'll pass.
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I've not had any problems with ProMash. With a sufficiently recent Wine install, it even works pretty well under Linux. It's not been updated in a while, but I suspect that's mainly because it works and the author doesn't want to put everybody on yet another Microsoftian "upgrade treadmill." If it ain't broke...
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Hi Bill...
My son-in-law uses ProMash very sucessfully. He's a PC man all the way.
I, on the other hand, use a MAC. I've used BeerTools Pro very successfully for the last year or two. I really don't see anything different in ProMash that BeerTools will not do.
In the final analysis, I guess if you're happy with your brewing results then you're probably satisfied with the program that generated or fine tuned the recipe. To this extent, I'm very satisfied with BeerTools Pro.
Happy brewing...Ken
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Ken Montgomery

Buying software is like buying underwear - sort of personal and it has to 'fit' to be comfortable.
I purchased BeerSmith and it is really great for me. The UI is intuitive and it helped my do both extract and partial mash recipes plus offer conversion assistance between the various methods.
It is technically sound and questions get answered by the developer quickly. Aside from a minor complaint about file backup I give it 5 stars.
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Robert Bainbridge

Promash is what I use. However, my usage of it is probably not 100% standard, so I am slowly working on a program (based on .NET with Xml datasources) that better fits my requirements. If I ever get really moving on it [I have a history of starting these things and letting them go dormant], I will post about it here.
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Thomas T. Veldhouse

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