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Reading Bill Velek's post on brewing software has prompted me to ask a question that, admittedly, crops up regularly in the homebrew NGs but hasn't been mentioned for a while.
What on earth has happened to Promash - anybody know a definitive answer? Every so often, people state that a new update is imminent, but nothing happens. It hasn't been updated since August 2003. Is there going to be an update at some point or has it been abandoned. Anybody know anything definite?
Or perhaps it is just so good it doesn't need updating.
Just joking 8^)
Regards KGB
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Here is an update that Jeff Donovan posted about a week ago on the ProMash site:
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Wayne Bugeater Brewing Company
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I'm coming in late on the thread... and, I'm a hack brewer. If someone came up with a standalone version of the HBD Recipator, I'd be happy as a lark.
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Ed Edelenbos

Well, that is my question answered - in a way I am now sorry I asked; the guy has my deepest sympathies, I sincerely hope his wife gets better soon.
I checked the Promash site for any upgrade info a week or so ago, obviously I just missed his post. In the (sad) circumstances, I'll just grit my teeth and wait - Jeff has far more important matters to think about right now.
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Me, too. One thing I like about it that is a PITA for many other programs (especially ProMash) is that you can pretty much set up a whole recipe with minimal clickage. No dialogs that need to be popped up for each ingredient, etc. Quick, easy, and infinitely flexible. Haven't heard from author Mark Riley in many years, though.
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Yep... incredibly easy to use and by now I have made the connection between the numbers it spits out and what I end up with. I'd need to go count them but I'm pretty sure it's over 50 batches completed and a boatload more that I've run through getting to the ones I've actually made. Admittedly, in my case, I don't *need* lots of detail and lots of stuff is in my head only, steeping times and temps, mashing times and temps, differences between hop types, etc. But I do *try* to write those things down.
In the end, it's like a word processor or spreadsheet... find the one that does what you need and stick with it.
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Ed Edelenbos

This was from my experience over a year ago. I have since given up trying to contact them. Although I sympathize with his current situation, it's no excuse for back when I was patiently trying to contact him and his company way back when.
I hope that he fares well. But until I see at least some sort of response, even an automated one, I'll be looking for a program that has better support.
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