Can anyone suggest a good traditional Porter kit

About to start my second beer, so still a beginner. Can any one suggest a good Porter kit? Is it to soon to brew a Porter, meaning do you need to be more adept at brewing.
I like west cost porters like Sierra Nevada Porter, Full Sail Porter (Oregon), etc, so anything similar would be great.
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It ferments quickly, so there's some chance of your airlock being blown out of the lid of your fermenter by the foam... For the first couple of days, I keep the fermenter in my bathtub, with the shower curtain drawn, to contain any eruptions.
Karl S.
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Karl S.
I did a stout my first batch, and I'm doing a porter on my 3rd. They're not any more difficult than anything else I've brewed (which isn't much). I get my kits from The Beernut, in slc.
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