gotta beer clone recipe for corona if anyone is interested

gotta beer clone recipe for corona as that's what my last beer turned out
as. It tastes like it's already got them lemon in there and has 5%alchlXV.
Turned out great, now if I can just fast-talk the bank into letting me have
a large enough safe deposit box to put it in to let sit in till next
summer. Anyone interested?
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YES unfortunately some of my friend ( and wife) are corona lovers and do not like my Belgium style beers, so please do post it. Michael
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mike k
Mazitlan Dreams
Ok, so it's Mash(infusion30min): 3/4 pnd of crystal malt, 6 row 10 inches of cinnamon, crushed Boil(30min): 3 lbs. of light DME ~2 lbs. of corn sugar 1/2 ounce of cascade hops Last five-to-seven minutes: Remove from heat and throw in 1&1/2 ounces of cascade leaf hops. Stir.
Cool.strain. pitch ale yeast. brew to five gallons. Specific gravity comes out to around 1.042, the color is way off from what you'd expect, but it's one tasty light beer. I brewed this with a trappist ale yeast, but any good ale yeast should do. Sincerely, Victor
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Yes lets have the recipe please & include the type of yeast & room temperature at which you brewed.
Thanks, Pete
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