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Hi I am trying to work out alcohol content. On my hydrometer at the
point it 6.5%. This means if it dropped to 1.000 then the alcohol
content would be 6.5%. Obviously it would not go that low. With wine
It does go below this value. I wanted to work out the alcohol content
for this but the Hydrometer does not display below 5%.
If the Starting value of the wine is 1.080 (12.8%) and it goes below
1.000 then the alcohol content would I asume be higher. Is there a
calculation that I could use. There are websites that can adjust
readings for temprature adjustment but not a SG to alcohol
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An easy one, accurate to within a about 0.2%. Alcohol by volume = (OG - FG)*131.25 (OG = original gravity, FG = fi nal gravity) Example 1: Wine. OG=1.080, FG=0.995 Alcohol by volume = (1.080-0.9 95)*131.25 = 11.2% ± 0.2% so the actual alcohol is somewhere between ab out 11% and 11.4%. Example 2: Beer. OG=1.050, FG=1.010 Alcohol by volume = (1.050-1.01 0)*131.25 = 5.25% ± 0.2% so around 5 to 5.4%.
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