acidently put too much sugar in HELP

The kit is a Woodforde Norfolk NOG
Previouse kits required a kilo of sugar. This one didn't. It apears to
be still fermenting but has slowed down and hydrometer is still at 26.
But yeast is working maybe it is slowing down. Can I add a wine yeast
to this even though it won't taste as good. But rarther that than
scrap the beer.
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Just guessing and throwing out an idea...
Can you split this batch into two batches(two 5 Gal buckets) and fill each the rest of the way with a new kit or Malt extract with less sugar to get you to the correct amount? Use a computer program to crunch some fast numbers, or just guess that most beers take 7(lbs) of malt extract and add half that to each
That was all I had for quick thoughts.
Let us know what you do and how it worked.
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Beam Me Up Scotty
How much did it require? You will probably be fine depending on the strain of yeast (but from a kit you are unlikely to know which strain it is) it was. I'd just let it ferment out and see what happens.
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Sam Lowry

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