I don't buy much yeast anymore...

Well, I don't buy much yeast anymore, unless I want a different yeast from what I brewed with. What I do now is just boil up some DME or wort I canned. I put it in a 12 ox bottle (just under half full). Then I go get a bottle of my homebrew (one fermented with the desired yeast). I pour the top 10 oz. into a clean pilsner glass (for me to drink). Then I clean the rim of the bottle with vodka and swirl the remaining 2 oz. of beer in the bottle to suspend all the yeast trub and then pour it into the sanitized 12 oz. bottle half full of wort. I then affix a bubbler. When I see a little activity I then add wort in gallon jug up to a pint, then when it is active up to a quart, then up to 1/2 gallon. And, now I have a 1/2 gallon of starter for 10 gallons of brew. The whole process does take about 5 days. I normally start on a Monday and brew the following Saturday.
Anybody else do this regularly. It saved over $5 each batch.
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Johnny Mc

I save the vials my yeast came in and capture trub in them from the primary fermenter. You're right it does save a pinch. Going on eight batches now with the same yeast and it's retaining the same profile.
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tried that sort of thing with two batches and the yeast "worked" well. have already tasted one batch and was pleased with it....didn't dare try it too many times without all the information about how many times you can re-use the yeast...so i figured double usuage is nice; triple nicer, and mayyyybe i better hold off on the fourth time until i get more information. rich
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On Tue, 5 Apr 2005 12:02:17 -0500, "Johnny Mc" said in alt.beer.home-brewing:
I started with Safale S04 (I brew an APA usually). I kept dumping new wort over some of the ole yeast cake for I-don-t-know-how-many brews after that. When my brewing slowed down I froze the last cake. Used it many times after that.
So far the taste is the same and I've been doing this for a few years. Not to save money - a packet of dried yeast is cheap - but to see how many times it can be done. I don't think I'll live long enough to find out.
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Al Klein

Let me take you back in time. before central air, or home heating, there was about 2000 , naw lts go back years ago. back to the grottos where they made beer.
many rituals were practised, actually sanitary techniques. workers usually bathed daily. a bridge was there to move the beer by cart but workers had to do penance and cross the river at a certain site.
today i have been using the same sour dough bread yeast for 7 years. reusing a beer yeast is beyond easy champagne bottle and a balloon is the only need.
got something you enjoy, then keep a shot to rework.
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