First Batch Apple Wine

Hi all,
First let me say thanks to all who have posted recipes, advice, etc.
I'm new to winemaking. And to be honest I just had to tell somebody
about my first batch of apple wine. LOL Suggestions and comments are
Apple Wine
Approx ABV 5.5%
1/2 gallon 100% apple juice
1 tea bag
3/4 oz raisins
1/2 pack Curvee Yeast
3/8 teaspoon Yeast Energizer
Place all ingredients in primary except for yeast and yeast energizer.
Take SG. Add yeast energizer. Ensure must temp is between 80 and
90 degrees and then pitch yeast. Cover with cheese cloth and allow to
ferment. Starting SG 1.046
I started this batch 1/13/04 and it finished fermenting on the
18th.(SG=0.998) Is this normal? It had a lot of settling in the
bottom so I racked it off tonite 1/29/04 and of course I had to taste
it. It was GREAT. It seemed to evaporate as soon as it hit the
tounge. But my wife wanted it sweetened so we added 1/2 teaspoon of
sugar per ounce. We plan on bottling it around the 19th of next month
so it will have a chance to settle in the bottle for her birthday
which is Feb 28th. I hope to be able to put the other bottle up for a
while longer if I can keep out of it. *S*
Thanks for letting me ramble. Have a great day.
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You might wanna make sure it didn't start fermenting again. Most yeasts will take alot higher alchohol content than it sounds like you have. If you bottle it while still fermenting you could have a bomb on your hands
just my two bits...
email: dallyn_spam at yahoo dot com please respond in this NG so others can share your wisdom as well!
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Dave Allyn
Hi Dave, I put it in a 2 liter plastic bottle. Yeah I know thats not as good as glass but I didn't have any extra. *S* I've been checking it daily to see if pressure is building. So far so good. Next week when we bottle I'll take another SG reading just to be sure. I did learn that making 1/2 gallon at the time isn't enough. LOL I went and got some 1 gallon jugs today. 5 gallon is next.
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What you have made is what is called cider in England or hard cider in the US. Maybe not a full wine but really pleasant drinking. It is not designed for long aging so the plastic bottles should be just fine. An 11-13% wine would probably go down to 0.994 but considering the low alcohol in your wine, 0.998 is about right. It is nice to sweeten it a bit but be careful as it can restart fermentation if you do. Properly sorbate and sulfite it first. Or bottle as is and sweeten to taste at the table. You can pour it into a carafe, sweeten, and let it stand for a few min.'s if you want. Go ahead and plan on a 5 gal carboy (or 5 or 10 or more).
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