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> Water isn't actually an oxygen barrier. ...
>I know that water isn't an oxygen barrier, but I don't know about _ice_
>which stricks me as _probably_ a better oxygen barrier than water, even
>if it isn't perfect. And my primary purpose with that approach wasn't
>to keep oxygen from passing through the plastic bags and the ice to
>reach the hops; it was to replace the air in the bag, which definitely
>contains oxygen in immediate contact with the hops, with oxygen-free
>water (the oxygen having been driven off during boiling) --
This thread has promted me to finally post after, just reading, for over a
Bill, you seem to be a pretty knowledgable guy, but I could not help but
wonder what you're thinking here.
"Oxygen-free water"
If my memory serves me correctly, water is 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part
So, in the case of "the oxygen having been driven off during boiling" this
would leave only the hydrogen. Right?
Water, weather frozen or not, would NEVER make a good oxygen barrier because
it is 1/3 oxygen.
Also, if you freeze them in water, you better take precautions to seal them
well or the ice will absorb off flavors from foods.
Example, freeze a bag of onions in your ice compartment then try a glass of
ice water.
If you don't have a vacuum sealer, I'd suggest multiple bags with air
squeezed out and stored in rubbermaid or tupperware container in freezer.
No offense, just my suggestion.
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I can tell you that coating frozen meat and fish with ice can prevent freezer burn for long periods.
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Bob F
I would say some sort of foil lined bag would work better than anything. I wonder if you could even use a mylar ballon. It would be big enough and they hold helium for long periods of time and helium is smaller than oxygen. I wonder if you could even seal it with a clothes iron. This is kind of a stretch but maybe worth a try. I'm not sure of good way to get rid of the o2 in the bag
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PJ Fry

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