Re: swallowed some yeast - got a tummy ache

Hi Mate, I'm assuming you are talking about syphoning into bottles..
are you racking your beer at all ?
If you rack your beer into another fermenter and let it sit a few days
b4 you bottle it you remove more of the sedement, and leave the cake
behind at the bottom.
if your not racking your beer, you could try to buy a sediment trap
for the inside of your fermenter tap and fill your bottles using the
keg tap instead of a syphon, if you must syphon use a (steralized)
pole/rod/broomstick/whatever and attatch the syphon hose to it, but
not all the way to the end of the hose, that way when you stick the
rod/broomstick in the beer to bootle you will only syphon the beer,
not the sediment.
But in all seriousness, i'd do some research into "racking" it
produces a much nicer clearer,cleaner beer.
All the best
On Tue, 8 Jul 2003 23:45:07 -0400, "Larry Boy"
the title explains the problem, now i need a solution
>i thought about putting a bowl upside down in the bottom of the bucket to
>keep from siphoning the yeast and other crud at the bottom into the bottles.
>or perhaps an attachment of some sort for the end of the siphon?
>does anyone have an idea or experience with this?
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