Uh oh :(

2 weeks ago I brewed up a batch of dark cherry stout from extract/DME
and grain that I steeped for color I assume. Anyways, I started with an
OG of 1.048 and today I racked it off to a second carboy and the gravity
is at about 1.022 (same as one week ago). So, it appears fermentation
has stopped, but at an elevated level of sugar remaining. My question
is...do I dare bottle it at 1.022? And, will the yeast fire back up on
the priming sugar to provide carbonation or is it basically dead? Any
ideas? I'd hate to waste it and I don't see myself drinking 4 gallons
of flat stout out of the carboy until it's gone (but I will rather than
flush it). Taste is good, but I can still taste that it is a bit sweet
for a stout...
Bummed in Bloomer (WI)
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You can do a 2nd ferment with a new yeast, or try a "yeast enhancer" to get it going. I suspect you used the wrong yeast, I make that about 3.7% ABV, using the formula in my brewer's bible, sweet and weak isn't what you want.
I *might* start after being racked, but don't let it set long before doing something, if the yeast is dead something else might start working. I would start a dry ale yeast and add that, but others may have more experience.
If it tastes good, don't waste it without trying something.
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Bill Davidsen

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