Want to set up pub style beer dispenser

Here's what I'd like to do instead of washing dozens of bottles for every batch and I'm looking for advice.
I want to use 5 gal stainless steel soda-pop pre-mix tanks instead of bottling. The tank would be hooked up to a CO2 cylinder and everything (tank, cylinder, pressure reg and guages) would be inside a fridge with a tap built into the door.
I want to set up a system just like the bars have for draft beer. Has anyone else tried something like this?
My original thought was to use the pop soda fountain machine, but I've been told that the chiller on the pop machine isn't cold enough to prevent the beer from foaming in the tubes. They say it has to be cold from the keg to the tap ... so, I thought of using an old fridge.
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You and tens of thousands of others have come up with this idea. Just google "Kegerator" and you'll see what I mean.
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