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Soda volumes...
I finally got a keg setup and want to try a batch of soda before I do a batch of beer. My question is, what is the desired volume for soda? Everything I can find seem to be about 3 volumes. I ha...
13 years ago
First Brew Problems
13 years ago 8
making root beer?
I've searched the web and have yet to find a recipe using sassaphras roots. My mom makes and bottles wines what materials will i need to buy? I have sassaphras roots thanks
13 years ago 1
I haven't brewed any beer since I live in Hawaii 10 year's ago, so I may need some help. My neighbor has all the equipment I just need to be pointed in the right direction. What I need is a basic ...
13 years ago 3
Culturing ale yeast
Hi All; I want to brew a new batch of ale using some last year's, about 10 months old, yeast that I stored in a jar in my fridge. First, I would have a starter going and then do the mash, etc., w...
13 years ago 2
oops sorry
meant to go to testing group!
13 years ago
Diacytel Rest question
Good day- Doing about my 5th or 6th lager in my HB career and am curious about the d. rest. I'm doing a relatively light one with wyeast labs munich lager yeast. I did primary for 10 days at 50, ...
13 years ago 1
Stainless Steel vs. Brass
In a homebrewery setup, I've heard that stainless steel is preferred over brass, but I don't recall why. Can anyone out there comment on why brass es no bueno? I'd like to leave out any discussion o...
13 years ago 2
Carbon Dioxide Reclamation
Bob asked in an earlier post about whether it is possible to reclaim the carbon dioxide from the fermentaion process. I beleive that the German brewers are not allowed to use any carbon dioxide not...
13 years ago 1
Mini k*gs for cask beer?
In the last-but-one edition of Viz comic there was a strip called "The Real Ale Tw*ts" (my censorship). In it the cartoon strip the Real Ale Tw*ts utter the single most horrible word for any self-r...
13 years ago 1
better bottle
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0090_01C65568.565971E0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1252" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Hi all Does a...
13 years ago 7
Letters page
Letters page
13 years ago
Plastic Water Containers
Hi- I just started brewing at home, and I have a glass carboy as a secondary fermentor. I was noticing how much it looked like a plastic water bottle that sparklets uses for home or office deliver...
13 years ago 2
I'm actually daring to make "WHEATIES" beer!
I know the subject has been discussed often in the brewing and beer news, so I decided to give it the old college (University Of Cincinnati, Piled highe and Deeper in English Literature) try... I us...
13 years ago 12
Glass Carboys, Primary Fermenters, Air Locks, and FUN
My friend and I have been home brewing for the last several years. We continuously try new things and push the boundaries (sometimes WAY too far) :) Anyway, we are moving and now have room to expan...
13 years ago 1