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Brutus-style Build - Should I use a 10 Jet or 23 Jet Burner?
Easier just to link to my existing post on Northern Brewer here:
11 years ago
soldering stainless steel
I am modifying a water distiller by adding a tube nipple to the side of the boiler, to use for filling and draining the boiler. I need some advice about choosing a combination of solder, flux, and...
11 years ago 6
Barley wine recipe
I am working on a barley wine recipe. This is what I have so far. Thoughts? Comments??
11 years ago
Building a Stir Plate for Yeast Propagation (With Step-by-Step Photos and Video)
In my quest to make healthier, abundant yeast starters, I decided to make a stir plate after reading various forum threads. This is certainly not the first, and probably not the last, thread on...
11 years ago 1
DME for priming
I'm getting back into homebrewing after a 10 year layoff. Back then, I always used a cup of dry malt extract as the priming sugar. The guy who runs the local supply store says that is a bad idea and...
11 years ago 5
"Homebrewers" just passed the 200 year mark
On special noteworthy occasions such as this, I like to share our good news with the rest of the homebrewing community. Last night our "Homebrewers" grid computing team (currently with 107 members),...
11 years ago
Gelatin finings smell
I tried preparing gelatin finings to clear a batch of beer. I followed the instructions to dissolve a half teaspoon in water, let set for one hour and then boil. After boiloing I noticed that it...
11 years ago 1
Wow beer-ring blowout
11 years ago
pumpless wort chilling, full boil extract
Trying to improve/improvise on a budget. If you're not going to stir or recirculate the wort, is there any point in recirculating the cooling water? Currently I run the garden hose to a coil in an ice...
11 years ago 1
Evolution or Revolution
11 years ago
Please respond - Wind Powered Generators. I will be reading for responses in this newsgroup.
I will be reading the comments in this newsgroup for the next few days and learning from those that are positive and helpful. I know that this is an out of topic posting to this newsgroup. That is a...
11 years ago
Old DME?
Hello group; I brewed my first all grain beer two weeks ago (just a simple brown ale with an infusion mash) and all went surprisingly well. Fermented for 8 days and bottled it up. The only problem...
11 years ago 4
"Oh, you're a light beer drinker, then"
I hear this a LOT when I mention my favorite style is IPA (and APA). I also hear: "Oh, you're into watery beer, I see" "Have you ever tried a beer with flavor?" "So dark beer scares you?" Don't hops...
12 years ago
Re: Bud or Coors ?
Budwater or Coor's made with spring water - they are both WATER. Keep them and I'll stick with my home brew that actually has flavor and character. ---- corporate packages that have access to 100,000+...
12 years ago 4
Slight brewing mishap this past weekend
I decided to load up my gear and drive over to my son's house to brew a couple of batches this past Saturday to help teach how easy if is to bo all grain (my son's roomate is an extract brewer). We...
12 years ago 3