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tubular immersion element
Does anyone know where I can obtain a 240 VAC, 3000-4000 W low watt density ( 20wcm2) tubular immersion element made of 304 or 316 stainless steel or inconel. The maximum outer diameter is 18 inches....
12 years ago
This might eventually help end our barley shortages
Semi-on-topic As homebrewers, we've watched with some dismay as barley prices have jumped dramatically, along with most food prices. Part of that has been attributed to acreage being diverted to corn...
12 years ago
Please come join my yahoo groups yahoo home brewing page
12 years ago
good taste after fermentation, sour after bottling
It would be appreciated if i could get a bit of advice for a problem I've had on my first ever batch of home brew. I used the coopers "Australian Pale Ale" kit, plus brew enhancer 2 (dextrose,...
12 years ago 8
Boneyard Brew-Off, June 7, Champaign IL
Brewers, meadmakers, and cidermakers, start your kettles! Judges, sharpen your palates! The 14th Annual Boneyard Brew-Off will be held on June 7, organized by the Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots,...
12 years ago
1 hour TV show re history of beer starts at 5:00 Central time
Just noticed that the History Channel is going to broadcast a one hour show titled: "American Eats -- Beer Education: the history of beer" which was produced in 2006. It will start at 5:00 p.m....
12 years ago
I've had a beer lagering in a secondary for around 6 weeks. This is the first time i've ever lagered. My question is will I have to put in a secondary yeast for carbination or will there still be...
12 years ago 1
New member looking for tips
Hey all, Before I do an exhausting search through the archieves, I thought I would ask what (If you had to do it all over agian) equipment and or supplys you would purchuse to make stout . I'm Looking...
12 years ago 1
Mold In My Beer...Help!!!
Recently my girl and I brewed some beer for the first time using "Mr. Beer" brewing kit....and in one week, I noticed small amounts of mold in the beer. (during the first fermentation) Is this ok? Can...
12 years ago 6
Recreating Strohs?
I'm just a beer-lover who hasn't tried his hand at home-brewing yet. I have some questions though I hope some of you can shed some light on. Stroh's was my favorite American beer in the 70s and 80s....
12 years ago 2
Re: This working
12 years ago
Two personal brewing milestones of a sort
I just want to share two milestones which have just occurred for me, relative to my homebrewing interests. Membership in my 'Grow-Hops' group has just exceeded 1,800 members, and we have been busily...
12 years ago
How bad did I screw it up?
I just finished attempting to brew my first batch. I got through to the end of the boil just fine (plenty of headspace, so I watched Over the Hedge to pass the time). But then I ran into tons of...
12 years ago 1
Recipe Suggestions for a Newb
Hi everyone, I'm new here if you can't tell and currently waiting for some equipment to come in the mail. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a brew I might like, or just ways to go about my...
12 years ago
Fruit Beer?
Planning to make a fruit beer (my first venture into this category). Going to use some fruit puree from a can and is listed as sterile. I want to add another (secret) fruit that is not available as...
12 years ago 3