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newsgroups Budwater or Coor's made with spring water - they are both WATER. Keep them and I'll stick with my home brew that actually has flavor and character.
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----http://www.pronews.comoffers corporate packages that have access to 100,000+ newsgroups I find them both undrinkable!!! Around here we call it piss water because it both looks and tastes like piss. I will drink my homebrew over ANY commercial beer including most microbrews.
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Neither one is the best! Coors is BETTER the Bud.. but, it's not the best! No American-Commercial beer is the best.
Next case ?
s Provider ----http://www.pronews.comoffers corporate packages that have ac= cess to 100,000+ newsgroups
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Even a mediocre homebrew, and unfortunately I have made at least one of them, is better than that garbage...
What's the joke, guy sends a bottle of Coors for analysis and the results
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