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Fermcap-unwanted effects
Hi, I've been using a teaspoon of Fermcap (5 gallon batch) to avoid boilovers for the past couple of brews. It is very effective and the beer has come out tasting great. However, I am suspicious...
13 years ago 1
I recently bottled 3 gallons of beer but forgot to reduce my priming sugar for bottling. Is this going to be a huge problem? I've tried it already and it seems to foam up for just like 2 seconds t...
13 years ago 2
I usually use One-Step, have since I started. I just ordered some PBW (Powder Brewery Wash) and was wondering if I will still need to "sanitize", with either One-Step or something equal? I decid...
13 years ago 1
Bad taste - ready to quit - Help!
Hi folks, I am a newbie having just completed my 4th batch. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 have had the same bad, plastic (my wife says rubber) smell and taste. The after-taste is especially bad. All ...
13 years ago 20
The Brewing Network Show- 10/30/05
Hey kids, This week at TBN, we'll have Brian Hunt from Moonlight Brewing Company join us in the studio for our official "Anti- Style Show". Enough talk about brewing to style and proper style etique...
13 years ago
Adding to a beer
I have been brewing from kits for a while and really been enjoying the different beers I have made. At one point I did consider making my own beer however, now is not quite the time for me to inves...
13 years ago 7
Re: Flat Beer
What sort of bottles did you use? Maybe the tops weren't sealed too good? What temperature did you store the bottles at? Too cold and the fermentation to gas the beer didn't happen. Was it the whol...
13 years ago 3
New 'BrewingEquipment' yahoogroup
I'm a craftbrewer currently in the 'planning and design' stage for a HERMS brewery. I'm a member of many different brewing groups and forums, lurking on most of them due to a lack of time to partic...
13 years ago
Dry hopping
I've heard this CAN be good to do. What has ya'll experience been with this? Does it always impart a 'grassy' flavor to it? -gcitagh
13 years ago 9
Is it just me?
or is lambic pretentious sour beer with fruit added so it will sell? My hypothesis is that they got an infection and being the belgian monks they were, were too broke to make a new batch of beer so ...
13 years ago 7
fusels/"headache beer"
I recently brewed a Franziskaner clone (as in Beer Captured), which reached 14 days in the bottle. I've noticed from a small sample size, that the beer seems to produce a good-sized headache. ...
13 years ago 2
I recently did a batch of Amber Ale that has turned out awfull! This is the first batch since I started over a year and a half ago that has not turned out. (Around 20 batches of beer, 5 meads, and ...
13 years ago 17
A new beer link to explore
13 years ago
meaning of a name
Sorry but the Hippocampus is simply a sea horse ( which by the way is the origin of the name of organ you refer to) I have been a diver before I became a beer brewer...
13 years ago
Weird Root beer plan -- Critique
I am going to home-brew some root beer for my wife's halloween party. I will use dry ice. I did it last year (in an open container) but it was syrupy and flat, so this year I want to pressurize t...
13 years ago 1