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Counterflow Chiller
13 years ago 1
Brewery links
A new list of breweries in the world has emerged : with 1250 links to breweries. Ralf ------------ And now a word from our sponsor ------------------ For a ...
13 years ago
out of date kit
Can a beer kit be put on if it's a year out of date or am i just wasting my time? I forgot about a Glen Brew pale ale that i bought quite a while ago and have just come across it. As you probably ...
13 years ago 5
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13 years ago
Potassium Sorbate
Hello all, I want to brew a hard cider. The local farmers market has fresh cider, but it contains ~0.1% potassium sorbate. Is this small amount still too much preservatives for brewing? If so, h...
13 years ago 10
Pumpkin Ale Problems...
I have heard that boiling the pumpkin extract with the wort is not a good idea. Why is this? I just made my first attempt at pumpkin ale. So far we have no fermentation bubbles through the air loc...
13 years ago 3
What will it taste like?
This sounds like something that will taste like some sort of Bacardi ICE drink. Is that the direction? how long does it take to be ready for drinking? Thanks, Hippo
13 years ago 1
The Brewing Network Show- 10/16/05
Hey kids, The Brewing Network is very excited to bring in our first guest this week that is an all extract commercial brewer. Calling Oakland, CA home, Pacific Coast Brewing Co. will be joining us i...
13 years ago
frothing at the airlock?
Hi, I set a honey (500g) strawberry (750g) watermelon (2.5kgish) beer fermenting yesterday but now it is frothing up at the air lock? I have tasted some from the tap and it tastes great at the mom...
13 years ago 3
chocolate orange stout
What is the best way to make a chocolate orange stout? I can use cocoa powder for the chocolate (my chocolate vanilla stout came out great using powder) but what about the orange? Should I skin the...
13 years ago 2
Starter Question
I have brewed up a ton of beer, but always used new yeast. Some times dry, sometimes liquid. I believe I have the right idea about starter, whip up a bit of wort, add yeast let set a day or two a...
13 years ago 3
A new beer - chopes du moulin
Hello, Discover the new beer : Les chopes du moulin You're welcome LaLogne
13 years ago
coconut cream stout - can I use an essence?
Hi, I want to make a coconut cream stout but I don't think it would be a good idea to use a can of coconut cream - correct me if I am wrong - as wouldn't the oil content affect the stout's head?...
13 years ago 1
Cheapest fridge/freezer for a kegerator
Hi, I'm looking to build a kegerator and am having trouble finding a cheap cooler big enough to hold a keg. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks Nick..
13 years ago 16
Yarrow Beer
Looking for some suggestions: I'm brewing a yarrow beer, using a recipe from "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers" My primary ingredients will be dried yarrow and brown sugar, (no malt extact, no ho...
13 years ago