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Recipe Suggestions for a Newb
Hi everyone, I'm new here if you can't tell and currently waiting for some equipment to come in the mail. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a brew I might like, or just ways to go about m...
11 years ago
Fruit Beer?
Planning to make a fruit beer (my first venture into this category). Going to use some fruit puree from a can and is listed as sterile. I want to add another (secret) fruit that is not available ...
11 years ago 3
Mash temps
Another quick question. Is there a chart showing the different temperatures to use for step mashing, ie temp for protein rest, temp for alpha amaylase, etc? I had it once, but I can't find it no...
11 years ago
My local brewery supply of bottles has dried up (they finally went to twist offs!). I've been buying various microbrews in 6 packs at the store. Is there any reason I can't reuse their bottles f...
11 years ago 6
Bulk Kit Purchase
Question: I have a class reunion coming up in August and would like to purchase about 25 boxed beer making kits (brewers best style), give or take a few. I want to give one to each attendee of the r...
11 years ago 4
Any one know where the best price and selection is for HOPS? Tom
11 years ago
chemical reactions.
hi, i wonder if is it possible know ALL the chemical reactions that take place in the steps of homebrewing (first of all mashing and fermentation). i have to define the mass balances that happen....
11 years ago 1
Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles
I was very lucky to aquire for free, 148 brown grolsh bottles with the origional ceramic tops. I then went further and built 12 pack boxes to hope all of these bottles. My question is there a gre...
11 years ago 5
differences between adding ingredients to primary or secondary
Hi, I'm looking at making a coconut cream stout, with organic coconut and coconut juice w/ pulp, and I was wondering if there really is that much difference between adding the (boiled, of course) ...
11 years ago 3
No fizz
I've been brewing for about a year, about 15+ batches, so I've got the basics down. No issues about sanitation, etc. I bottle, don't have a keg system. The last two batches (a heavy stout and a ...
11 years ago 5
'Grow-Hops' is the best Internet resource about growing hops
Our free Grow-Hops group SPECIALIZES in the topic of growing ingredients to brew beer -- primarily hops but some minor coverage of barley and brewing-herbs, too. Now with 1,140 members, including s...
11 years ago
Hello fellow home-brewers
I recently started a blog about home-brewing and have about three recipes up there so far (a fourth will be coming soon). If anyone is interested in sharing some great recipes let me know. I plan on...
11 years ago
Requirements or 'preferred' conditions for growing hops
Interest in growing hops has recently skyrocketed among homebrewers, and for a few farmers, too. I haven't kept track, but perhaps as many as half of our current 'Grow-Hops' membership of 1,083 w...
11 years ago
how to obtain banana flavour
Hi, anybody know how to get a banana flavour into a stout? Does mashing and boiling bananas work, or is there a yeast that can impart that flavour, or is essence the way to go? Cheers, Richy
11 years ago 1
Oak aging
So I've been really getting into beers that are aged in barrels (especially Old Engine Oil Special Reserve Stout). I'd love to find a good whiskey barrel to age my beers in. I usually bottle condit...
11 years ago